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Netherlands, Noord-Holland, AmsterdamFood & Beverage

Job description

Join the Corendon family as our brand new Practical Coördinator!

We are searching for you as our brand new Practical Coördinator for our Corendon Village hotel. The 4-star Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam opened its doors in the spring of 2018 in Badhoevedorp. The hotel consists of three separate wings: Plaza, Apartments & Urban. Together they have more than 680 rooms, suites, studios and apartments. The hotel has several restaurants, bars, spa facilities, fitness, a swimming pool, a cinema and ten multifunctional meeting rooms.

We look forward to meet you but first we will tell you a bit more about the job.

We work together with the ROC of Amsterdam in House of Hospitality! Together we work at a higher level within the hospitality industry in the Corendon Village Hotel. House of Hospitality is a public-private partnership in which Corendon Hotels & Resorts, teachers and the municipality work together to motivate more students, employees and lateral entrants for a (sustainable) career in the hospitality industry.

In the Corendon Village Hotel we have set up a class to learn and collaborate within the various departments of the largest hotel in the Benelux (what we call a hybrid learning environment). Thus, the students do not learn the skills in a classroom at school; our hotel is their classroom! Students who start with the Hotel Management or Allround Hospitality Employee training are trained in the hotel environment to become real Hospitality specialists. From the first year they commit themselves to the Corendon Village Hotel and start learning 'on the job'! After three years we hope to be able to congratulate the first students on their diploma (and presumably a job within our hotel!).

But we can't do this alone! You can imagine that when hospitality and 'learning-on-the-job' meet, we face many exciting challenges. For this we need a House of Hospitality Coordinator. This person is responsible for making the hybrid learning environment within our hotel a great success. But an even more important task: to make the students enthusiastic and passionate about hospitality. Together with the Lecturer-on-the-job (lecturer of the ROC of Amsterdam) you are the first (and central) point of contact for students, work supervisors (colleagues from the hotel who also supervise and examine students) and other stakeholders of the ROC and Corendon Hotels.

The students learn on the job three days a week. In addition, they also have two project days. For each module, they change department or company with a fantastic kick-off of the new period/department. It is up to you to organize, support and monitor this entire process. Supervising students and teachers are important tasks that belong to your position. Supervision of students means, among other things, that you look at what they want to learn per day and how this can be incorporated in the department. You go through the material with them and you motivate them if they don't like it for a while. Good communication with students, departments, teachers and supervisors is of great importance! It is therefore no problem for you to contact the parents, supervisors and teachers of the students in such a clear and professional way.

Affinity with hospitality, education and dealing with young people are the most important pillars for this position. A healthy dose of humor, the ability to put things into perspective and patience characterize you. These are things you need when you guide young people in their learning environment. That means that you are sometimes a bit of a supervisor, sometimes a bit of a teacher, but also sometimes a psychologist, a shoulder to cry on or the parent who gives them the wind in their pants. In short, you are a star in coaching, planning and coordination at different levels. You can also easily adapt to the level of the students

What do you get in return?

  • Money (obviously);
  • A fantastically fun job that touches between hospitality and education (and in which you can develop yourself - it's new for us too, so let's research and shape this together);
  • Training and education to be able to give a good interpretation to this challenge;
  • Travel allowance (from 10 to 30 km one way. We reimburse a return);
  • Social activities (we like parties, drinks and sports);
  • Discounts in our hotels, restaurants, bars as well as on trips and tickets (that's the only reason you want this job!);
  • Great onboarding (including a welcome drink and a Know Where you Work (you will sleep at the invitation of us in the hotel where you will be working and you can use all facilities).

Interested, do you want to know more? Contact us at:

App or call: +31618738902

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Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Food & Beverage



Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Food & Beverage